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Billy Joel y Bruce Springsteen en “The Second Act of Elliott Murphy”

“I never understood why Elliott didn´t become very successful right away”, says Billy Joel in a new clip from the film “The Second Act of Elliott Murphy”; “I thought he was good as soon as I saw him”.

Bruce Springsteen agrees: “I don´t think he´s ever written a bad song. I´ve never come across an Elliott Murphy song that I thought: “Didn´t work”. And he´s made a lot of music, and a lot of modern music that, to my mind, is as good as his early stuff. He´s still at his best”.

“The Second Act of Elliott Murphy” is a long feature documentary about American rocker Elliott Murphy. Born in New York in 1949, he became one of the “new Dylans” in the seventies, and most critics from the era praised albums like “Aquashow” or “Just a story from America”. Still, ironically, his truly American music-style made a bigger connection with European audiences, which transformed him into a cult artist in many countries overseas.

The title, “The Second Act of Elliott Murphy”, contradicts the quote of Fitzgerald (a personal hero for Murphy) and it is a reference to the French reinvention of the artist in the late eighties. Because of Elliott Murphy moving to Paris and the increase of European tours, his fanbase became stronger in many countries like France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Sweden or Denmark. Some of these fans contributed to the making of the film by providing rare graphic materials of all eras of the artist.

“The Second Act of Elliott Murphy” is directed by Jorge Arenillas and produced by Mirabal Films in association with OPH Producciones. It will be released in 2016.


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